Cultivating the Intuitive Healer - Asheville, NC

Solid Foundations in Intuition and Energy Medicine For Your Best Self and Your Best Service
Asheville, North Carolina June 1-3, 2018

Are you called to a life of personal growth and spiritual service? Are you wondering how you can make a significant contribution to your own evolution and the progress of the planet? Are you ready to journey deeply into your own knowing and to allow your path to unfold?

We are delighted to announce that Mark Hoch, M.D., Co-Chair Past Presidents Council, Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine and Laura Kamm, world renowned medical intuitive, will be offering a weekend seminar in Asheville, North Carolina — Cultivating the Intuitive Healer. This empowering workshop will help you elevate your intuitive abilities as a healer for your personal and professional growth and healing.

Combined, Mark and Laura have over 60 years of experience in the fields of integrative medicine, energy medicine, the healing arts, and medical intuition. We have worked collaboratively for the past 20 years, breaking new ground in the fields of health and healing and the functional application of medical intuition.

This workshop is for health professionals and healers looking to hone your skills to provide cutting edge service to your clients and all seekers of self discovery and spiritual evolution.

Our intention is to provide you with knowledge from ancient wisdom traditions, science, as well as our professional experience. You will walk away with practical tools to cultivate your intuitive skills in energy medicine for your self and for your highest service to others.

The inherent nature of intuition always alerts us to what is arising now, what is needed, and what is next. When we are truly aware of our deepest knowing we can take the highest action. Never before have we as human beings been more ready to dive deep within, access and integrate intuitive skills in our own lives, and contribute to the greater good. Our nervous systems and our culture are burdened by reliance on external technologies and the current dysfunctional structures. Let’s move to the next level by taking the opportunity to fully awaken our inner knowing and come back into balance and harmony. 

Cultivating the Intuitive Healer - One Payment

$695.00 USD