Becoming A Medical Intuitive - An Oracle Academy Online Course


This course is being radically updated and the content will be robust and be a deep dive into the process of Becoming a Medical Intuitive. The course will be redone in the Fall of 2017 and relaunched in early 2018 with a higher tuition. If you purchase the course now, you will be a founding member and receive this newly expanded and enlightening training at no additional charge.

Currently, Becoming a Medical Intuitive is a 10 lesson online streaming course that will take you through the foundational skills needed to enter into the field of intuitive wellness, and prepare you for the more advanced and exacting skills required for the field of medical intuition. It will help set your course for the practical use of intuition in your everyday life, support your skills in the healing arts, and provide buoyancy in your spiritual path. 

What you'll learn:

Intuition’s Perceptual Preferences

The Energy Field

“The Four Intelligences”

Anatomy of an Intuitive Reading

Intuitive Self-Healing

… and more

Tuition: 69.00

It is a pleasure to offer this course to you. Take your time and repeat the lessons and practices that speak to you. Intuitive skill is developed like every skill - your progress is precipitated by your practice.

 When you purchase Becoming a Medical Intuitive you will receive The first lesson to this program today. Then, lessons will arrive in your inbox every day for 10 days. Access the course anytime, anywhere on various devices - computers, tablets, and your smartphone. 

 This digital course is non-refundable and available  24/7 with our online-streaming platform.



Becoming A Medical Intuitive

I'm looking forward to you joining me in this foundational, on-demand course. It will help set your course for the practical use of intuition in your everyday life.

Celebrate this most natural part of your self - intuition. 

$69.00 USD