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Meet Laura

Laura is an internationally respected teacher, author, and mentor. She is best known for her work in the fields of Structural Intuition, which she developed, medical intuition, applied energy medicine and healing, experiential mysticism, and the evolution of human consciousness. She is a near-death experiencer, brought about by a sudden illness, which left her partial blind. 

She is known for her humor, compassion and "unparalleled intuitive skills." She has been a guest on ABC and Fox News and featured in national and international magazines including Martha Stewart’s Body + Soul, Visjion and Medium (Norway). She is the author of Intuitive Wellness, Unlocking Your Intuitive Power, Color Intuition, and Coffee Shop Angels will be available for per-order in the Spring of  2023. 

Laura is a global resource for intuitive-based problem solving -- wellness, spirituality, leadership, and life and death. She provides live and online trainings worldwide, including Dr. Oz’s Integrative Medical Team at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital. Laura was one of 40 healers to participate in a multi-year, long-distance healing study for advanced HIV/AIDS patients, sponsored by the California Pacific Medical Center. The study was funded by the NIH, National Institute of Health. 

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